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Penal Action Dec 2017

The Commission advices Penal Action viz. Prosecution or Disciplinary Action against officials found guilty during investigation/inquiry. It is the responsibility of the organization concerned (Disciplinary Authority) to impose the penalty based on the Commission's advice. The following advices were rendered by the Commission:


Status of Prosecution reported by CBI (Under PC Act):

Sanction for prosecution received/declined against 84  cases.   

175 Charge Sheets were filed in  140 cases.                     

Disciplinary Action

The following advice was rendered by the Commission for Disciplinary Action against officials :

Nature of AdviceNumber of cases
Major Penalty15907
Minor Penalty516
Administrative Action/Warning/Caution etc.390
Closure / Exoneration10019
Total cases dealt by the Commission34932

2. Action taken by the organization based upon CVC's Advice

Nature of Action takenNumber of officers
Major Penalty Imposed54
Minor Penalty Imposed32
Advice of CVC Not Adhered to0