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Preventive Action Jan 2012

Preventive Action

1. Advisories have been issued by the Commission from time to time to alert the organizations about the vulnerabilities in the organizations, policies, systems and procedures which pose a risk of corruption.

(i)Commission vide its Circular No. 01/01/2012 dated 12.01.2012 had directed all the Ministries/Departments/Organizations to use guidelines for compliance to Quality Requirements for certifying the e-procurement system and to get their system certified as per the guidelines issued by Standardisation Testing and Quality Certificate (STQC), Department of Information Technology (DIT).

(ii) Commission vide its Circular No.03/01/2012 dated 13.01.2012 had directed all the Ministries/Departments/Organizations to follow the guidelines issued in respect of all cases of procurements either by the Indian agents on behalf of Principal/OEM or Principal/OEM itself can bid but both cannot bid simultaneously for the same item/product in the same tender.